About Jason


The Therapist

My name is Jason Rudder, and I am a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist. My license number is 16018. I attended Gaston College in Dallas NC, and graduated with honours. I am licensed by the North Carolina Board of Massage Therapy (NCBMT). I was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, a small Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela. I have an MBA, and I am player and avid fan of football. 

I was interviewed by Gaston College after I successfully completed the program, and the article from that interview is available (here). 

The Company

"A Healing" Therapeutic Massage was initially started in the state of North Carolina (USA), where my massage therapy journey began. It was a mobile massage business designed to bring a unique experience to the client within a space that was familiar and safe. I have recently relocated back to my home country of Trinidad and Tobago, and took the business with me. The business has now morphed into a new entity, inclusive of both mobile and brick and mortar options.

The name "A Healing" is inspired by the Greek meaning of my name Jason. From the Greek name Ιασων (Iason), which was derived from Greek (ιασθαιiasthai) "to heal". 

Work Experience

I was employed by Massage Envy Spa immediately after graduating from Gaston College in 2016. 

I was also employed by Toccare Day Spa.

I have been in business myself since January 2017 and have served hundreds of clients in my time as a massage therapist. 




I use Soothing Touch Massage Lotion for all of my massage needs

I chose the Jojoba lotion, because it is unscented and perfect for adding essential oils without compromising the texture and glide capabilities.

I also use the Ayurveda lotion, as it provides a similar type of result with the added bonus of nutrient rich oils such as Coconut, Castor, and Mustard oil.  

To find out more about Soothing Touch and its products, click here