Client Reviews


"Jason is the best! I was considering cancellation of my membership...until I was fortunate enough to meet his magical hands. He not only kept me from cancelling, but I increased my frequency to every two weeks, and NEVER miss an appointment.-- Kelly

"Jason was fantastic! He was able to work out all my kinks and I walked out with no pain! I couldn't have asked for a more skilled and attentive therapist." -- Lisa

"My therapist Jason actually listened to me! He's Amazing!" -- Angela

"I enjoy my therapist Jason a lot. He has been very helpful and knowledgeable. He speaks to me respectfully and engages me in the process of my wellness. I can't wait to get back in." -- Steven

"Great massage and loved the recommendation at the end. Wish it had been longer." -- Stephanie

"Jason is very good at tailoring the massage based on my current needs. I look forward to our sessions because I know that I will leave feeling so much better!" -- Kelly

"Jason was amazing! The best massage ever. It actually felt like he was interested in giving a massage." -- Diane

"Jason did everything we asked. Grayson's shoulder doesn't hurt anymore!" -- Janet

"Jason, my therapist, was great. It was my first time ever getting a massage, and he made me feel extremely comfortable." -- Michelle

"Jason, the massage therapist, was very professional and provided a great massage." -- Walt 

 This week I had my first massage session with Jason, and I agree with all the positive comments made about his work. He was very attentive to me and extremely professional. Special mention for the essential oils and music that helped in relaxation. I came out of the massage very sleepy. Most importantly, I recommend being close to home the first time you get a massage (as he himself had recommended me). I'm sure I'll be back!  -- Cecilia


My AHTM experience was exceptional!

Jason is a consummate professional and his efficiency is noteworthy. He paid particular attention to details, even with the setting of the right mood through the provision of ambiental music, ensuring that one was mentally relaxed apart from just being physically relieved.

I appreciated the clarity of his communication, explaining the steps that he would take, and he was sure to enquire for feedback during and after the session. The pressure he applied to the muscle groups throughout the body was not invasive and overbearing and He was able to identify the knots and kinks that had been lingering for almost two years. Imagine your temples and neck being massaged too, and getting relief! Talk about a redefinition of full body.

I confidently endorse AHTM, and the service goes highly recommended from me granted the wonderful attention received. Personalized, professional, proficient - get in touch for your AHTM experience today! No ifs, no buts, let Jason get rid of those knots! -- Dellison

 As part of the package for her bridesmaids, the bride arranged for us to get massages at A Healing Therapeutic Massage. I went for my massage three days before the wedding with the intention of being fully relaxed for pain free for the upcoming event. In communicating with Jason in order to set up the appointment, he was very professional and provided me with all the relevant information required including directions to his location. Everything was prepared when I got to the room and the room itself was very calming. He attended to every area discussed in the consultation which required special attention masterfully. During the massage, soothing music played in the background. I felt extremely relaxed and rejuvenated at the end of the massage. The Deep Tissue Massage is without question worth experiencing. -- Petal

 Had my first session today. Jason created an extremely comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and was very professional throughout the entire session. Two thumbs up! I look forward to my next session. -- Varla

 I’ve received massage several times before and I have always felt a bit ticklish in certain areas during the session (which caused me to not enjoy it as much as I wanted to). However, when Jason massaged me, I didn't feel tickles at all and this allowed me to properly relax and enjoy the massage. Before receiving the massage I was very tired and I had back and lower body pain. His massage made me feel way better, extremely relaxed and completely renewed. -- Carol


I’ve known Jason for years and unfortunately this is only the first time I’ve had the absolute pleasure of having him work his magic on my back. Due to what I think is a combination of poor posture and the gym my back was very tight and all knotted up! I literally had ridges where knots had gotten so bad! After failed attempts of relieving the pain myself (foam rolling and using a tennis ball for targeted pressure) I finally messaged Jason about a massage. He responded almost instantly and we had a discussion about what I was experiencing and what service he would suggest based on my pain and what I was looking for. He was very accommodating and even though it was incredibly short notice he was available to help the very next morning! He worked with my timing and even though I was willing to go to him, he suggested it would be better if he came to me so I can relax as I needed to after the session.
Jason was nothing short of a miracle worker! He got to the appointment early (big plus) and was very very professional! He explained everything he was doing and made me feel very comfortable. He took the time to warm up my muscles so the pain levels would be manageable and he really worked on my back. I would admit there was still some discomfort that was obviously expected but by far not as painful as I expected. He was sure to tell me what to do in terms of after care (ice/rest/water) and he even went as far to check in with me to enquire about my pain and how I felt etc! I’ve had massages before but none that ever included after care!!!

Everything about this experience was truly amazing! My only regret is that I didn’t contact him sooner. I will definitely be booking a couple more appointments with Jason in the next couple weeks! -- Jodie

Jason was very professional. He went out of his way to make me feel comfortable. He massaged me in my home and though he was a little late he informed me before hand that the traffic was heavy. He went above and beyond to make my house to feel like a spa with music, aromatics and spa table and bedding. My musles were very tense before he started and he made sure to work out all my kinks in the time that he was hired for, adjusting the pressure applied throughout to my liking. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who can appreciate a good massage. -- Isoke

Jason hands are blessed by the gods! I must say my experience was amazing. Jason was very professional and he explained every step he was gonna do. He made me feel super comfortable and that's was also a plus. He has surly gained a loyal customer in me & I would recommend him to any and everyone. -- Darcel