Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I get a massage?

A: Massage helps to relax the muscles of the body, improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, alleviate muscle pain and soreness, and much more...

Q: How do I decide what type of massage I should get?

A: The therapist's job is to analyze your ailments/concerns and recommend a particular modality for you. However, prior to making an appointment clients are encouraged to research the modalities offered by the therapist they will see.

Q: How do I decide how long to schedule a massage for?

A: If it is your first time, the safest bet is to choose a 60 minute session so that the therapist can assess the body and make recommendations for future sessions. If it is not your first time, either use the recommendations of the previous therapist or choose a time based on how sore/how much pain you are in.

Q: What do I do if I feel uncomfortable with my therapist?

A: If the session is already in progress; kindly say to the therapist that you feel uncomfortable and would like to terminate the session. If you are still in the in-take portion of the session; say to the therapist that you no longer feel comfortable going forward with the massage.

Q: What do I do if I don't like the modality that I chose?

A: If the session has not begun, simply request a different modality. If the session has already begun, express your desire to the therapist. (Different modalities have different prices, so be aware of the cost of switching)

Q: What does LMBT stand for?

A: It means Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist

Q: What is the difference between Licensed and Certified?

A: Licensed and Certified differs between states and countries. A licensed massage therapist has completed a program at an accredited institution and has fulfilled all the criteria required by a governing body. A certification is given at the completion of a course for a particular modality or is a title given to a therapist who has completed a program at an educational institution and is qualified to perform massage but is not required to be vetted by a governing body.

Q: What do I do if I am bruised after a massage?

A: Contact the therapist immediately. No massage should leave you with bruises. (if you have a condition that causes you to bruise easily, inform the therapist before the session).

Q: What do I do if I feel sore 2-3 days after my massage?

A: If you received a deep tissue massage, it is common to feel soreness for a couple days after the massage. This soreness will go away. If you received a massage with light pressure, your muscles are aching because they were activated but not adequately relieved. It is recommended that you get a deeper massage the next time. In all other cases, it is possible that the therapist may have gone too deep in that area. Contact the therapist and inform them of the issue so that they can provide recommendations.

Q: What do I wear to get a massage?

A: Clothing is at the discretion of the client; however, very tight fitting/sexually suggestive clothing is not advised.

Q: Do I have to get naked on the massage table?

A: No. Clothing is at the discretion of the client while on the table; however, because the therapist uses lotion, extremities (arms and legs) and the trunk of the body should be readily accessible at all times. However, if you would like receive the massage nude, that is also allowed.

Q: What, if anything, is used to cover my body?

A: Either a bed sheet or white spa towels are used to drape the body. I am licensed in North Carolina, therefore I follow NC state law which requires the body to be fully covered by a drape at all times, except when that particular part of the body is being massaged.

Q: Can I book different modalities together?

A: You can! This option is of course at the discretion of your therapist. 

For example; I have had clients combine foot reflexology and aromatherapy massage

Q: How often should I receive massage?

A: The therapist assesses your body during your first session with them, and can instruct you on the frequency of which you should receive massage at the end of that first session. On average, I recommend every 2-3 weeks. For a more active person, once a week is advised