Payment options


PayPal is a secure way to transfer money


Venmo is a way to pay with the convenience of keeping a card on file and not having to give personal details


Banco do Brasil

*Brazilian clients only*


Payment can be given before or immediately after the session.

*please indicate your preferred method of payment at the time of purchase or when booking an appointment.

**FOR ALL ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS ONLY -- unless an agreement is made with the therapist, all payments must be settled no later than 24 hours before the client's next session. Upon entering this 24 hour period, the client's next session will be cancelled due to none-payment, and a late fee of  5% added to the previous total due. The client will not be allowed to book another session until the account is settled and if this situation is repeated, bookings will no longer be accepted from this client.**

*currently accepting Visa, Mastercard, and American Express*

**International and Brazilian cards ONLY **